Our Green Commitment

At Altima we firmly believe that our actions have impact on the environment. To achieve our goal – and our responsibility – to effectively reduce this impact, several strategies have been implemented…


Waste Reduction


Supported by the Manitoba Conservation waste reduction program, all wood waste is ground into sawdust for manufacturing particleboard, cutting our landfill volume by 80%. Employees are encouraged to recycle as well, using Altima’s recycling plan.


Our Wood Finishes


Altima has developed its own water-based finishes, eliminating harmful chemicals. This exclusive process reduces our VOC emissions to the lowest in the industry, significantly cutting – or even removing – the health risks associated with finishes in the workplace and the home. Using only water-based finishes has also resulted in an 80% reduction in exhaust heat loss.


Urea Formaldehyde


Urea formaldehyde, typically used in producing key raw material, particleboard and plywood, is a known carcinogen to which long-term exposure could negatively affect human health. In consideration of both staff and clients, Altima continually sources product with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) alternatives.


Altima’s goal – which we have almost reached – is to use only NAUF product. When NAUF material cannot be sourced, we insist on CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified product which significantly reduces urea formaldehyde emissions.


Our Facility


Altima built its own manufacturing facility in 2012 to standards conducive to energy saving and to the reduction of emissions. Following Power Smart guidelines, the new building incorporates such energy-saving features as T5 fluorescent and LED lighting, high-efficiency boilers for in-floor heat and insulation that exceeds building code requirements.


Its dust collection system – operating on a variable-speed drive to conserve energy – filters and recirculates the air. Also using a variable-speed drive, the compressed air system supplies air on demand, and 80% of the paint department’s air is recirculated.


Committed to making a difference, Altima remains vigilant as to new ways to adapt. green


Background image © Amanda Lipischak